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The board

Tommy Lennartsson, Chairperson

Conservation biologist, working at SLU Swedish Biodiversity Centre and The Uppland Foundation. Research on the connection between land use and biodiversity in forest and agricultural landscapes, especially the biological cultural heritage and the significance of land use history. Another research field is the biodiversity of road verges and other types of infrastructure biotopes.

Karin Bengtsson, Secretary

Senior lecturer at Dep. of Ecology and Genetics, Uppsala University. PhD in plant ecology at Dep. of Ecological Botany, Uppsala University in 1993. Research interest in plant population ecology and conservation biology in semi-natural grasslands. Teaching in ecology, nature conservation, environmental science and sustainable development.

Contact: karin.bengtsson@ebc.uu.se
Uppsala universitet, Campus Gotland, 621 67 Visby

Mikael Lönn, Treasurer

Senior lecturer at University of Gävle, earlier Södertörn University. PhD in plant ecology at Dep. of Ecological Botany, Uppsala University in 1994. Special research interest in plant population genetics in relation to the environment (genecology). Teaching in ecology, evolution, nature conservation and outdoor pedagogy.

Contact: mikael.lonn@hig.se

Laura Parducci, Member

Associate Professor at the department of Environmental Biology, Sapienza University of Rome and guest researcher at Plant Ecology and Evolution, Uppsala University. Laura studies the ecology and evolution of forest plant populations: how genetics, demography and ranges of plants have changed during the climatic events of the last thousands of years. She uses modern DNA from living individuals and ancient DNA from pollen, macrofossils and sediments from lakes to investigate these changes.

Contact: Laura.Parducci@uniroma1.it eller Laura.Parducci@ebc.uu.se
Environmental Biology, Sapienza Universitet, Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, 00185, Rome, Italy
Plant Ecology and Evolution, Uppsala Universitet, Norbyvägen 18 D, SE-752 36, Uppsala, Sweden

Emil V. Nilsson, Member

Emil is the editor of Svensk Botanisk Tidskrift which is the journal for members of the Swedish Botanical Society, founded in 1907. He received his PhD degree in plant ecology at the Department of Ecology and Genetics, Uppsala University. Emil worked earlier at the Biotopia Museum in Uppsala and is voluntarily engaged in issues concerning biodiversity and nature conservation practice.

Contact: vetenskapspedagogen@gmail.com

Jerry Skoglund, Co-opted

Chairperson and primus motor of Extensus 1994-2021. PhD in plant ecology at Dep. of Ecological Botany, Uppsala University in 1990. Senior lecturer in forest ecology at Swedish Agricultural University 1991-2008. Research activities in tropical forest succession projects in Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Contact: jerry.skoglund@gmail.com