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Earlier Projects

A selection of projects that received grants


Trädåldrar och branddynamik i Töfsingdalens nationalpark

How important is sprouting in relation to seed regeneration in structurally complex mixed stands of temperate broadleaved trees?

Inventering av ett okänt levermossasamhälle i oceaniska fukthedar i fjällmiljö


Pristine forests as indicators of environmental and carbon storage change

The genetic basis of and ecological significance of bark metabolites in aspen

Granen har en historia - från istidens tundra till nutidens skogsplanteringar


Forskningsresan i naturvårdens utmarker 2020 Norrbotten

Does conservation of riparian buffer zones reduce forestry induced greenhouse gas emissions?

Forest dynamics in a primeval forest, Fiby urskog


Glacial survival of Norway Spruce Picea abies (L. Karst) at high latitudes in Scandinavia.

Ex-situ conservation of European ash.

Clonality and sexual reproduction of European aspen (Populus tremula) in the northern range margin.


Do oldgrowth spruce forests with Usnea longissima need management?

The research task in the outfields of nature conservation 2018.

Can forest thinning for conservation purpose support both economy and biodiversity?


Assessment of the longevity of remaining dead wood, as formulated in the nectrotisation scale by Sernander.

Niche separation in Sphagnum under winter conditions.

Improvement of forest reproductive material for ash.


The effect of global warming on a keystone mutualism for tropical forests.

Rejuvenation of deciduous trees - Effects of limited grazing after selective felling and controlled fire.

Managing disturbance to promote natural regeneration of oak in forests valued for conservation.


Population dynamics, growth and spatial distribution of giant oaks.

Identification of European ash resistant to the invasive pathogen Hymenoscyphus fraxineus using Fourier transform (FT-IR) spectroscopy.

Changes in vegetation and soil in a deciduous forest and meadow area after 50 years - the forest as carbon source or sink.


Changes in vegetation and soil in a deciduous forest and meadow area after 50 years.

Natural rejuvenation of oak in forest nature reserves.

Exploring the genome of Letharia vulpina: elucidating the biology of this charismatic red-listed lichen of old forests.


Production and degradation in Sphagnum.

A 330 year landscape history at lower river Dalälven, meadows in temporary straths.

Virgin forest remains along Rio Congillo in West Ecuador.


Biology and history of the landscapes of East Asia.

Functional traits in Sphagnum.

Plant and Tree Ecology, Genetics and Geography.


Long term succession and the innfluence of climate change on the vegetation on the Laitaure delta in Laponia.

Species and habitats of mires.

Dispersal and distribution patterns of Selaginella.


Project Flora of Samama.

Extraction of fossil seeds from sediment for C14-dating.

Effects of moose browsing on species composition and vegeation structure in boreal forest.


Evaluation of vegetation response in a grazing/nutrient experiment in Norwegian mountains.

Pollen analysis of Fiby urskog.

Inventory of forests with high conservation values.


Gene flow of epiphytic lichens in the boreal forest landscape.



Lövskog med murgröna, Öland
Foto Jerry Skoglund

Fiby Urskog
Foto Jerry Skoglund